Show Me the Way to Ancapistan!Watch now (3 min) | I need to get there quick as I can. We have a new video for your New Year's entertainment.
What do I do?
The Ofcom Song - 186 Words Not To Use
The full compliment of these treasured items which, if played aloud in public, are sure to see you lynched, is now available in the Dominic Frisby shop…
We have a new, Jaques Brel-inspired song video for your entertainment today. I hope you will be suitably amused.
New protest song from the UK's favourite bank clerk
Two actually ...
The dream of a dynamic, low-tax Britain may now be dead for a generation as the technocratic blob tightens its grip on our crumbling institutions, but…
Another new date added
And finally we have some traction
Morning all Pardon my language. But we have a new song for your entertainment.