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Who Is Sunak? What Is Rishi?

A satirical song for all the Schubert fans in the house.

I promised a flurry of songs over the next couple of weeks and here is the first of them.

Words by DF, music by Franz Schubert (I’m delighted we are finally working together), played, recorded and mixed by Wayne McIntyre. Video is by Will Freeman.

Hope you are suitably entertained :)

Please invite your friends to listen this masterpiece.


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Shaping the Earth is another one of my lectures with funny bits, this one all about the history of mining. It’s at Panmure House, in the room in which Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations.

The show is at 2pm from August 2nd to 18th and you can get tickets here.

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Who is Sunak? What is Rishi?
He is the Prime Minister
What’s he stand for? What does he believe in?
I should have said prime miniature
Bland as bluetack, what is the point of Rishi Sunak?
Teeny, incy, wincy Rishi.

Who is Starmer? What is Keir?
He will be Prime Minister
What’s he stand for? Part from his career.
He looks like cornstarch thickener
Drab and drear. What’s the point of our Keir?
Like soft margarine or flat beer.

Give me Javier, Javier Millei
Or give me Margaret Thatcher
Ronald Reagen, Gladstone or Disraeli
Someone with some stature.
Thank goodness for Nigel, he has given it some vitals
Tory wipeout coming atcha