Let's Synergise

An office romance

We have a new video for you today, inspired by the language of LinkedIn.



If you want to see this performed live, here are the dates:

Music is composed and played by Noah Fleetwood, recorded and mastered by Wayne McIntyre and sung by Louise Cookman.

Video is directed and edited by Alex McCarron (with some help from Archie Wilkinson) and features Diane Spencer, being brilliant.

Lyrics (I’m proud of these ones)

I’ve been feeling synergistic
Since connecting on LinkedIn.
You’re my new strategic partner
And together we can win.
Ooh, you are my game changer
You’re my disruptive force.
We’ll explore all the moving parts
You are my key performance resource.

Let’s synergise.
Let’s think blue sky.
Let’s harmonise.
I’m so incentivised.
I’ve got a list of actionable items
Let’s up the periscope.
I’m going to push the envelope.
Push, push, push the envelope.
Push, push, push the envelope.

When I saw your presentation
I wanted connectivity.
I wanted team collaboration
And some hard sweat equity.
To pluck the low hanging fruit,
Take a helicopter view.
To leverage your assets,
Extract the max with you.

Let’s synergise.
Let’s do a deep dive.
Let’s maximise
And monetise.
I’m going to open the kimono
Our focus is aligned.
Do you wanna touch base off line?
Touch, touch, touch, touch touch base off
Touch base offline.

Work hard, play hard
Action, traction
Boot strap, roll back
Knowledge density.
Our passion is sustainable
Emailable and scalable.

I’ve got a 24 carat feeling.
Can you feel the synergy?
Let’s circle back together
This is three sixty degrees.
We're a winning combination
A partnership, a brand.
And we’re taking the world
With our actionable plan.

We’ve synergised.
We’ve touched blue sky.
We’ve harmonised.
We’ve done a deep dive.
I have leveraged your assets.
You reached out and took the plunge.
Now it’s time to squeeze the sponge.
Squeeze the sponge.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the sponge

You’re my visionary leader.
You’re my loyal follower .
I’ve deployed all my resources.
You’ve completed the transfer.
I’m a fast-paced corporate mover.
But now you have downsized.
And the minutes of this meeting
Show we synergised.
We really harmonised.
I feel so optimised.
And oooh.

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