I Want To Be In The Illuminati

Banging new vid

This song makes me smile a lot. Hopefully, it will you too.

The YouTube premiere is not till tomorrow, but you get it early for being on this list. Talk about perks.

Shot in the mountains around Palm Springs, California by X (who wants to remain anonymous, can’t think why - why is it so many people want to make music videos with me, but only anonymously?)

Wonderful music composed and played by the superlative Noah Fleetwood, lyrics by yours truly, recorded and mixed by never-fails-to-deliver Wayne McIntyre. Editing is by the mighty Goat.

Surely now somebody will commission a musical from me? (Even anonymously).

I’ll be playing this song on my tour, on which note:

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Acclaim. Opportunity. Laughter.


I dream of a better future for me and my family.
Though mainly me.
I’ll scheme with the rich and powerful.
Life would be so easy.

I wanna to be in the illuminati.
How do you get into the club?
I want an invite to an Epstein party
Bet it’s even better than the pub.

I want to formulate the new world order
And join the nought point one percent.
I really want to be a duke or lord or
Baron in a one world government.

They’re known to be prone to pedophilia.
Their symbol’s a triangle with an eye.
And with Satan they’re familiar.
13 pure bloodlines. 
Yikes, how they like to harvest adrenaline
And inject the blood of juveniles 
It is rumoured they are aliens
Some form of reptile.

Blessed, such success, is I guess why that some think they’re wizards.
But no, that’s not so, don’t you know they are shape-shifting lizards? 

I’ll sell my soul to the illuminati.
For lots of glory, wealth and fame.
To be a Rothschild a Du Pont a Barclay
I’ll do anything I have no shame.

How do you get in the illuminati?
Just like Madonna and Will Smith
Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie?
I applied and they replied, “as if”.

I want to stop you all from reproducing.
Impose population control.
I’ll claim that human numbers need reducing,
So Bill Gates can vaccinate the prols.

I want to be in the same gang as Beyonce.
With secret codes and hieroglyphs.
I want go to Davos with the nonces.
Sacrifice some babies with Sam Smith.

I want to operate the banking system,
Own all the assets and the land.
I want to snigger while the plebs eat insects.
Be in the Bilderberg Group and
Hang out with former Nazis.
Worship the Prince of Darkness.
Control the Tory Party.
Write songs with Paul McCartney.
Be an illuminati man.


Here it is on YouTube:

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Dominic Frisby's Comedy News