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The Sexiest Accent in the World

Live stand up from Comedy Unleashed

We have a short video for your entertainment today, shot late last year at Comedy Unleashed.

I know you have busy lives, so above we have just an abbreviated version. For the hardcore, who have the spare time, the full six-and-a-half-minute monty is available here on YouTube.

That is the mighty Chad Lelong on keyboards, with music written by the equally mighty Noah Fleetwood.

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Lots of live dates coming up.

On Feb 14th and 15th in London there is is my lecture with funny bits about gold at the Museum of Comedy. (Feb 15th has almost sold out, but there are tickets for Feb 14th - what better way to celebrate the love you share than a lecture with funny bits).

Then there is my mini-tour in the spring.


I thank you.

Until next time,