Oct 7, 2023Liked by Dominic Frisby

Congratulations. It’s a brilliant but very scary video. I hope we never live in a world like this. I must explore Bitcoin …

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Excellent video Dom! However the last line has a missing word, it ought to be "Bitcoin Cash fixes this! "

Since 2015 Bitcoin BTC has been 100% captured by the baddies, including Bildeberg, Mastercard, AXA, rendering it useless as electronic money, economically forcing users to use Lightning network, a custodial "crypto" equivalent to Paypal

(see Who Killed Bitcoin documentary https://odysee.com/@QuantumRhino:9/Who-killed-Bitcoin--%282022%29:8).

Bitcoin Cash is the non-compromised version of Bitcoin that preserves the values of freedoms espoused in your most excellent song and written work. See https://bchfaq.com

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Dec 28, 2023Liked by Dominic Frisby

I missed this bit of pure genius!! (Too busy running away to Buenos Aires.) Thanks so much for including it in your yearly round-up.

Happy New Year!!

K x

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Oct 9, 2023Liked by Dominic Frisby

The likeness is uncanny - you sure this is not a real WEF broadcast ? Once again a tour de force.

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