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It's ALL true

A song about conspiracy theories

Good morning all,

What’s the difference between conspiracy and fact? About six months.

We have a new song for your entertainment all about conspiracy theories, called: It’s ALL true.

You can watch it here on YouTube or via the Substack player above. Enjoy!


FWIW I think it’s a winner. Please feel encouraged to share it if you like it.

Don’t forget, if you want to come and see me live, I'm doing on a mini tour in the spring. Dates and tickets here. (Tickets make good Christmas pressies).

It’s ALL True is also the title track for my fourth album, which you can now get in Dominic Frisby shop in plenty time for Christmas. (CDs make good stocking fillers). News on this to follow shortly.


  • Lyrics written and sung by Dominic Frisby.

  • Music composed and all instruments played by Noah Fleetwood

  • Video by Goat

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wayne McIntyre

  • Video shot at Red Creative

  • With special thanks to Andy Demetriou

I probably shouldn’t post the lyrics as that will get me cancelled by every bot and filter on the internet. What I think I’ll do is publish them after this email has gone it, posthumously, at


Elvis is alive,
So is Lady Di,
George Bush Snr murdered JFK.
Biden’s a paedophile,
King Charles is a reptile,
As for the moon landings they are fake .
Chem trails in the sky,
Michelle Obama is a guy.
Greta Thunberg travels time and space.
It’s all true. It’s all true.
I wouldn’t lie to you.
It’s all true.

Trudeau’s Castro’s boy,
The Clintons are both droids,
The CIA made AIDS to please the Mob.
Jay Z’s a satanist,
Finland does not exist,
9-11 was an inside job.
By alien consent
We will have one-world government.
Lizards run the world via Klaus Schwab.
It’s all planned. It’s all planned.
I heard it all first hand.
It’s all planned.

Covid was leaked,
Your phone tracks your speech,
They’re using the climate to steal your wealth.
There are Russian spies,
WMDs were a lie,
Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

Lots of it is true.
Oh, what do you do?
Who do you believe of whom beware?
Leaders often lie.
We want a reason why.
Is it cock-up? Was it planned somewhere?
We crave certainty,
Even if conspiracy.
Chaos is a thought too much to bear.
My good man, understand.
Some of it is random.
Some is planned.