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Show Me the Way to Ancapistan!

I need to get there quick as I can

We have a new music video for your New Year’s entertainment, Show Me the Way to Ancapistan! As a special perk, I am, for the time being, only making it available to you, the esteemed reader of Dominic Frisby Comedy News.

I first heard about Ancapistan, the promised land where anarchy and capitalism meet, from Tam Laird, leader of the Scottish Libertarian Party. I was inspired to write a song about it. Noah Fleetwood was duly inspired to write and play the music. Will Freeman was then inspired to direct and edit the video, and a host of others (see credits below) were inspired to join the movement. (All with the added incentive of payment).

Share this fantastic song with your fellow anarcho-capitalists.


Show Me the Way to Ancapistan! is one of ten songs from the album Gammon and Proud, which is now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other such places, with CDs available from the Dominic Frisby shop.

By the way, Contains Swearing, An EP of Unbroadcastable Songs for the Discerning Listener, which is only available as a CD (I daren’t put it on the net), sold out, but we now have more copies back from the printer, so it is back in stock and very much for sale.

I hope you enjoy the new song, Happy New Year to one all - Ring out the old , ring in the new and all that - and let us trudge onwards, brothers and sisters, to the bountiful land of milk and honey that is Ancapistan.

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Written and performed by …. Dominic Frisby
Music composed and played by …. Noah Fleetwood
Video directed by … Will Thomas Freeman
With … Diane Spencer, Trevor Lock, David Whitney, Billy Rayner and Mattia Mazzoli
Music recorded, edited and mastered by …. Wayne McIntyre
Singer … Alice Bell
GFX by … Mattia Mazzoli
Shot at … The Fentiman Arms in Stockwell.

Spread the Ancap word.



I’m pissed off with my country and of what it has become.
I’m done I cannot take it any more.
I’ve heard of somewhere better
With no government at all,
Just anarchy, free trade and Natural Law.

Show me the way to Ancapistan.
I need to get there quick as I can.
I’ve got a feeling I’ll be a fan.
I want to go to Ancapistan.

Show me the way to Ancapistan.
Truth, love and freedom strawberry flan.
No one gives orders in Ancapistan,
Except mum and dad and sometimes your nan

The time has come for us to make a stand
With our anarchocapitalist clan.
Together let us stick it to the man.

No income tax, no bureaucrat plans,
No war or inflation and nothing that’s bland.
No passports, no cronies, no government waste,
No borders, no orders, no money debased.
Anarchy, peace and freedom come first.
No gods and no masters and nothing co-erced.

Who builds the roads in Ancapistan?
Who runs the trains? I don’t understand.
What about healthcare? Tell me the plan.
Markets provide in Ancapistan.

How do we get to Ancapistan?
It lies along the Yellow Brick Road.
Narnia to the east,
Atlantis to the west.
The path is lit by bitcoin nodes.

Breasts are much bigger in Ancapistan.
Your penis will grow in Ancapistan.
No hair loss problems in Ancapitan.
Ancapistan is our promised land.

I do not want to have a fight, I don’t want culture wars.
I just want to get on with my own stuff.
Respectfully and peacefully,
Will you leave me alone?
The West is done. I think I’ve had enough.

Show me the way Ancapistan.
Guide me to freedom, Invisible Hand.
There are no statists. Life there is so grand.
We own ourselves in Ancapistan.

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